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“She (Houdini) made me figure out how I can be the best version of me”

“She (Houdini) made me figure out how I can be the best version of me.”

We met Sharon Jones while horseback riding at Wildwood Manor Ranch outside of Georgetown, Ontario. Sharon and her beloved horse and “teacher”, Houdini, were our personal trail guides. The topic of our project, “The Wisdom Speakers” arose and Sharon related that Houdini had been and continues to be a significant source of wisdom in her life.

We immediately knew that we wanted to feature both of them in a Wisdom Speakers video.

Sharon learned to ride English style in the U.K. at the age of 7. Here in Canada, in 2003 her love for riding resurfaced and despite a hip replacement in 2004 Sharon has not been off a horse since. In 2005 she purchased her own horse, Houdini.

Houdini got her name because early on Sharon would tether her and Houdini would magically break free. She was therefore named after the famous magician. The funny thing is that only later did Sharon discover, to her surprise, that Houdini was not in fact an escape artist but Sharon had not been tying the rope correctly using the proper knot.

In this video, Sharon shares how her relationship with “Hoodie” has changed her life. It’s an inspiring story of human-animal connection, love and persistence.

*** Be sure to watch until the very end 🙂

The music in this video is from the talented musician/singer/songwriter Oh Susanna,