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“What is your biggest dream in life?”

“Complete this sentence: “My biggest dream in life is to…”

We went out on New Year’s Eve and again on New Year’s Day to ask people to complete the sentence above. Did we think that because it was New Year’s, and because some people make resolutions, that people would be thinking about their biggest dreams in life? Yes we did.

UPDATE: On New Years Day, 2010, you interviewed me in Bloor West village, asking me what my dream was. Well, it took two years, but my novel “Dominance: South Africa” is being released on the 21st. Would it have happened if I hadn’t verbalized it to you? I don’t know.

John Whitaker Appearing in this video

But, as any documentary filmmaker will tell you, what you are hoping to capture is not necessarily what you’ll get. So this short video encapsulates the answers that we received.

Did we want more? Yes.

Did we want bigger and grander dreams to be revealed? Yes.

Do we want to be inspired by others? Absolutely!

So we put this question out to you. What is your biggest dream in life?

And we challenge you to dream BIG! Let’s inspire each other with our dreams.



We thank KooLKYLE, Cedarville Records and Dekidasu for the music in this video.