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Are you a wisdom seeker?

We are curious about people.
We believe people’s life experiences can inspire others.
What can we learn from their choices and life lessons?

Our growing collection of interviews may reveal some of the answers we seek.

The Wisdom Speakers project captures messages of extraordinary “ordinary” people and spreads their wealth of knowledge in the form of short videos.  We wish to capture pearls of wisdom and pass them on to current and future generations.

In this collection you’ll find valuable information to inspire and to perhaps ignite the wisdom in you.

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Gilles Gagnon

Gilles Gagnon

Gilles was born in Montréal, Québec. He is a video producer, composer, musician, and web designer and founder of True Connections Video Productions. It is Gilles’ fascination with people, their stories and life experiences that has led him to create “The Wisdom Speakers”. His fascination developed after meeting interesting people while backpacking in places such as Tunisia, Morocco, Spain and Ecuador. He harnesses the power of video to bring the audience closer to the subjects.

Gilles has a background in Information Technology and worked for medium to large corporations before launching True Connections Video Productions . This experience as a computer programmer and network analyst assists him with the technical aspects of video and sound production, that is, editing, engineering, mastering and mixing. Gilles also delivers animation and documentary film workshops at the National Film Board of Canda (NFB). He also creates promotional videos for the NFB.

The Wisdom Speakers project is a creative outlet for his various skills and interests for what is a worthwhile cause.

Gilles resides in Toronto, Ontario.


Nicole Arends

Nicole Arends

Nicole is honoured to be a part of such a special project as The Wisdom Speakers. To be able to meet and interview such fascinating people has been inspirational for her. Having come from an extensive theatre directing background, Nicole’s main interest in the creative process is working with metaphor and creating thought provoking ideas that lend themselves to deep reflection and intellectual stimulation. She has often been told of her skills to empower actors to their finest performances. This, combined with strong dramatic storytelling, has created emotional resonances for her audiences in plays and projects that she has chosen to explore. Now, with her collaboration with Gilles Gagnon on The Wisdom Speakers, she is able to merge her deep curiosity of the human condition with interviewing people and helping to creatively tell their stories through video.

Nicole has been working in the arts industry for the past 20 years working as an arts administrator, special events coordinator, theatre director, casting director, performer, workshop facilitator and fundraiser. Since receiving her BA in Theatre Studies from York University and a diploma in Events Management from Algonquin College, Nicole has worked for such arts organizations as The Royal Ontario Museum, Equity Showcase Theatre, Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People, Theatre Columbus, Theatre Smith-Gilmour and The Royal Conservatory of Music. She is a recent graduate of ISIS-Canada in Expressive Arts Therapy.

Nicole has worked as an independent theatre producer and director for several small companies and fringe shows in Ottawa and Toronto. She is currently working for Learning Through the Arts at The Royal Conservatory as the Community Programs Manager of the Outreach Program, the Active Ecology Program and the Institute of Creativity, Health and Social Change.

Nicole’s other interests lie in mask making, labyrinths, and writing. She is enamored with the infinite awe inspiring power of nature and is exploring creative ways of contributing to the healing of the planet, Mother Earth, our home.