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These tracks can also be found on GG and The Mix’s YouTube Playlist.

Swameena was inspired by the African vocals which are featured on the track. While composing, I had a vision of festive tribe members, circling a campfire, dancing and swaying to the music.


Head East is a 10-minute composition with meditation in mind.  A meticulously crafted mixture of instruments from the East: Udu, shakers, tablas, and hang to name some, and from the West: synth bass, pads, bells, and more.  Exotic vocal chants gracefully bridges the opposites.

The piece is meant to be calming and take you on a slow journey through an ever changing soundscape. Layers of sounds subtly move in and out, to and fro, softly guiding you to your depths while gently tickling your auditory senses.

Java Sutra was composed with a four-chord progression as the initial ingredient. From there it evolved to a sonic creation blending world, ethno and electronic flavours. A driving kick appears and disappears and is at time joined by a gritty bass for a contrasting juxtaposition.

Indian vocals, mostly processed, bring humanness to this global track. Male and female vocals are used to balance the yin and yang.

Electronic/World fusion – Board your wagon and join the gypsy caravan for a journey to new lands. Who knows where the adventure will take you.

A fun track which was inspired by the epic drum sound. The playful lead which weaves in and out, juxtaposed with the big drum, balances the feel and keeps the mood light.

“Mantra de Paz” (Mantra of Peace) features intermingled Sanskrit chants over a modern beat. A call and response element is present to emphasize unity and add interest to this World and Electronica fusion track.

Move to the beat and let the mesmerizing chants transport you to another world.

This track falls somewhat in the cinematic realm. When I composed it, I had visions of a post apocalyptic world where a gigantic destructive machine or robot was wreaking havoc and leaving behind a wasteland. A machine(s) akin to Transformers perhaps? and human-operated?

Don’t make my vision be yours… let this unsettling track take you where it may.

This track was was conceived from a recorded improvised session. The recording was then developed, refined and remixed, It features stylized vocal chops over a steady bass line. Guitars, arpeggiated strings and other organic elements complement the laid-back mood.

An eclectic sound and dance beat combine to create a unique blend. A soulful sax, African vocals, moving pads and driving beat intertwine and playfully interact.

A blend of rain, distant thunder, flute, voices and numerous aural textures merge to create this meditative track.

Ukubuthana (“gathering” in Zulu) by GG and The Mix is a blend of world instruments and sounds, didgeridoo, modern instruments, crafted sounds, animal calls and processed vocals.

Deep down in the jungle, you’re invited to an “Ukubuthana”. I invite you to come and get lost in the adventure.

Weaving male and female vocals with a tamed pulasting bass. A dance/pop track with many nuances.

A haunting, hypnotic, relaxing piece featuring the voice of French vocalist Enlia. Lush, flowing background vocals add to the mystery of it all.

A dance track inspired by the kalimba (thumb piano).

A trance-inducing track featuring ethnic drums, flute over some lush vocals. Let this track take you on a journey…. who knows what you’ll find along the way.

COVID-inspired dance track depicting optimism for things to come. Yes, it’s been tough but, we still have the choice to make the “Best of Life”.

Thanks to Nicole Arends for the vocal tracks.

Groovy dance track featuring sampled voice courtesy of TheScarlettWitch89. A juxtaposition of base triplets with luscious pads along with various processed sound-effects.

Track with a driving beat and persistent bass line, and processed vocals added for good measure.

A Track I produced when re-visiting a decade-old seed idea.

A track produced as part of a Music Producers Group. Musicians were given a small set of samples to work with. Samples and sounds were manipulated and modified in various ways. The track also contains “found sounds” such as steak knives rubbing/scraping each other.

An experimental track with a lower bpm than I usually produce. The layered pads and supporting rhythms, sound effects and processed unique vocals make it somewhat haunting.

A mixture of tribal beats, electronica and African vocal samples.

Collaboration with Calypso artist Roger Gibbs back in 2005 or so. In the studio, we took turns choosing a patch/sound, adding to the track as we went along.

The lyrics are an excerpt from an ancient Irish poem called “Song of Amergin”. It was in a book in my bookshelf and we just went with it.

A track produced as part of a Music Challenge. Music producers were given a set of sounds and samples which we could manipulate in any way.

The leads were made from a single sound/note and massaged with effects, pitch, etc. To make my the track more organic I used a text-to-speech utility to add the voices. The result was a Krafwerk-ish sparse track.

The message of the track is: Play with fire…take chances.

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