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“You need to do what you can with what you have”

“You need to do what you can with what you have”

On April 21, 2004, Louise Russo, mother of three, was an innocent victim of gun violence. Caught in the cross fire at a local sandwich shop, she was paralyzed from the chest down, and tragically lost the use of both of her legs.

Louise graciously invited The Wisdom Speakers into her home and shared her story with us along with her vision for moving forward with acceptance, grace, and determination. We were very taken with her smile and joy and desire to make a difference by helping others to choose the right path in life. She gifted both of us with a leather bracelet with the word “Believe” written on it – a wonderful reminder that we need to believe in ourselves to make good choices in life.

In this special Wisdom Speakers video, Louise shares aspects of who she was seven years ago, what got her through difficult times since the incident, and how independence is one of the most important things for her in moving forward with her life. “People complain about the silliest things,” she says with a laugh, and gently reminds us that crazy traffic is not nearly as important as getting to your destination safely.

Louise is a true inspiration. With the incredible support of her loving husband, family, and good friends, she is determined to stay positive and not be consumed by pain and the obstacles she faces. She is also the founder of Louise Russo W.A.V.E – Working Against Violence Everyday ( ), an initiative that is centered on principles of Respect, Responsibility and Role of Leadership. Its goal is to inspire young people and members of the community to take action, make positive choices and initiate projects to make their schools & communities a safer place to live, learn & play.

We invite you to watch this video and be inspired by a true hero.

The Wisdom Speakers would like to thank Snowbird666 and Blackaura for their permission to use their original compositions.