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“Becoming the Possible You”

“Becoming the Possible You”

Howard Jerome is a pretty fun guy!

Born in 1939 in Brooklyn, N.Y., Howard has always done as he pleased, from his youthful days trying different career paths, to his nearly 100 TV and film credits. He has had the opportunity to work with Leonard Nimoy, Liam Neeson and Diane Keaton. Howard is the founder of the Canadian Improv Games and has even run for mayor of Toronto!

In his own rapping words: “I’ve been a Buddhist/ a nudist/… I’ve whirled like a dervish/ I’ve worked with Ed Mirvish!/… And I love it all”

To say that Howard is a fun, wise man is an understatement. He says “I’ve studied the wisdoms of every culture in every time in history.” We were drawn to him for his ever-present belief in the possibilities in each of us. In his words: “We can reclaim our power! Let us be the kind of people we can be!”

See and hear for yourself as we present to you this Wisdom Speaker video featuring Howard Jerome.


The Wisdom Speakers would like to thank Daniel Mathers, Doanald Quan and Sony Creative for their permission to use their original compositions.