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“That’s what we are, that’s all we are… is stories”

“That’s what we are, that’s all we are… is stories”

David Anderson is the Artistic Director of Clay & Paper Theatre in Toronto which he founded in 1994. His goal was to produce narrative theatre and larger-than-life puppetry as a means of animating public spaces and igniting community festivity and celebration while bringing both simple and complex issues to light. He has been successfully taking his vision of public performances to streets, parks and public places for more than 38 years and has performed and directed across Canada, the United States, Russia, Europe and the Georgian Republic. Large-scale puppetry and stilt walking are trademarks of David’s productions.

David is a playful and creative genius! He is also a singer and musician and you can often find him playing his accordion or other exotic instruments.

The music heard in this video is from Darbazi, a group that David is a part of. You’ll also hear tracks from his solo musical work.

As David says “All we are is stories”. Here is part of his.