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“Happiness is our birthright”

“Happiness is our birthright”

After hearing Ann Tudor read from her latest book “Hesitating at the Gate ~ Reflections on Aging” at the Runnymede Library, we invited her to be our next Wisdom Speaker. She welcomed us into her home and we learned more about her journey and her no-nonsense insights about her life and the thresholds she has crossed.

For those of us who have not yet reached (or are approaching) the “Land of Old” she shares a humorous account of her view from there. At 73 years of age, she is vital and carefree and speaks with candor about her aging – a reality we all face.

We were particularly taken with her story about how she never really knew her mother due to a reticence on her mother’s part to reveal aspects of herself.Ann invites us to show ourselves to others and reassures us that we won’t die of the shame of taking such a risk.

In this Wisdom Speakers feature, Ann is indeed “aging gracefully” and reveals of herself to us all.

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